Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I HATE politics, but

I am astounded with what has transpired in our nation in the past couple of days.

A woman who was found to have sent and/or received over 110 sensitive e-mails on a private server, some of which which may have fallen into the hands of enemies of our country, has been let go with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.  Had an ordinary citizen sent even one suspicious e-mail containing information such as this he/she would be behind bars for years to come.  But the FBI, in its infinite wisdom, has declared that no reasonable prosecutor could make a case against the aforementioned woman.  Really???

Just hours after this announcement our president, who claims to have known nothing about the FBI's decision, espoused this woman's fitness to occupy the highest office in our land and lead this nation for at least the next four years.  All of this after a meeting between the woman's husband, a former president, and our attorney general, whom HE appointed, during which meeting we are expected to believe nothing of any more importance than general comments about grandchildren was discussed.

Are they serious?  I also believe pigs fly, unicorns exist, and the moon is made of green cheese. 
After all, none of these are any more ludicrous to me...

Our nation continues to be the laughingstock of the world.  God help us all!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's Been A While...

My goodness.  It's been a while since I've paid any attention to this blog.  Poor, poor blog...

The last post found my husband and I leaving the west to move to St.  Louis.  We stayed there for only about eight months or so and decided we just couldn't take the cold and the gloomy winter so...

We are now back in the west, Laughlin, NV to be exact.  We so missed the sun--and the blue bowl of the sky overhead, the gilded peaks of the mountains in the morning and the bronze and orange hues of the evening.  I know the summers are HOT but we feel so much better being back home.

I have also taken up jewelry making and I am trying to make a business of it, whether it be online or at craft fairs.  I realize there are many other folks out there making jewelry and even if I never make a go of it, I will have had joy of creating unique pieces.  While my writing muse has been taking a vacation, I needed a place for my creative juices to flow.  My pieces are as pretty and probably more well made as any I have seen in stores and are very reasonably priced.  The photos below are a sample of my work.  I also create suncatcher/ornaments, bookmarks, and key/phone fobs.  Check out Sunrise & Moonsong Jewelry on Facebook..

There is another book in the works, Larceny & Old Aces.  A very impressive book cover has kindly been donated and now I just need to get my muse to cooperate and finish the book.  I have had the premise in place for a while now, even the names of the characters; the plot just needs to be fleshed out.  I feel that sometimes when one gets stuck, one needs to back away and put the project on a back burner until the flow begins again, and that is what I have done.

Never give up your dreams.  Never let anyone tell you "you can't do ______, you'll never _______, you're being silly thinking about _________.  You are unique and as Kathryn Stockett says in The Help You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important.