Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another New Chapter

My mother loved to move.  She and my stepfather would buy a house, update it, sell it, and then move on to another.  I can remember a time when--right before my twin and I were to begin our senior year in high school--she wanted to move to the neighborhood of our most hated high school rivals.  I informed her that I would stay behind and live in a tent rather than suffer through the most important year of high school being demeaned by the snobby kids who went to that school.  She relented and we did not move until after graduation.

As I got older, I found myself longing to move out of my hometown area and trek southward to warmer weather.  In 1999 I moved to Florida.  I loved the weather and the laid back way of life.  However, in 2004 my husband and I--along with our intrepid dog and not-so-adventurous cat--purchased an RV and began to travel.  My mother's gypsy soul had infected me!  Living and working in such interesting places as New Orleans, Malibu and Las Vegas was heavenly to me, a simple country girl who thought she would never go beyond the borders of the area in which she grew up.

Eventually the gypsy urge returned and we went to Bullhead City, AZ after an astonishingly low bid for a manufactured home was accepted.  I loved the small town feel of the place and my husband was happy because he had some home projects on which to work.  Alas, the loss of my job forced us back to Las Vegas, where again we caught the RV'ing bug.  Employment took us back to Florida and we decided to sell the RV and move into a senior apartment.  By this time my husband was tiring of driving and wrestling the RV into parking spots.

The apartment is lovely but we find ourselves lonely with not much to do.  Restricted income guidelines do not allow for continued employment.  A trip to St. Louis and Cincinnati and a meeting with old friends and family enervated both of us.  An ad caught our eye and a trip to a small senior community resulted in the rental of a two bedroom apartment in Missouri.  The proximity to family and friends alike delights, and the promise of activity thrills.

Are we crazy to move from the warmth of the south to the chill winters of St. Louis?  Perhaps.  But in the book of our lives, we are eager to begin a new chapter.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

'Outlaw Prophet'

Watched the movie 'Outlaw Prophet' last night.  This Lifetime channel movie is about Warren Jeffs, the so-called prophet of the FLDS church in the area referred to as Short Creek in Arizona, as well as, in Eldorado, TX.  As I watched, it occurred to me active slavery is alive and well right here in the United States of America. 

There are those, I'm certain, who sincerely believe in polygamy as being ordained by God.  But I have an absolute conviction there are women in these and other FLDS communities around the world who have been so brainwashed they go along with this practice, albeit unwillingly, simply to retain their place in heaven.  In addition, the girls and women who do want out cannot always leave because of threats to their lives.  Young girls are being raped and impregnated each and every day--in the name of religion--by men old enough to be their father or even grandfather.

Also, numerous young men are frequently cast out of the cult by their own fathers in order to lessen the pool of males seeking mates.  After all, the more men there are, the fewer available girls and women to go around in these neighborhoods of men who wish to take plural wives.  These boys, who for the most part have very little education or skills, are driven out of the compounds and let out in the middle of nowhere to find their own way to get to civilization.  Imagine being thrust from the only life you've ever known and left all alone--with no money and just the clothes on your back--to survive in an outside world of which you have heard only horrible things.

This nation was founded on, among other precepts, religious freedom.  However, in my humble opinion, the FLDS adherents take this principle to the extreme and capitalize on it in order to escape the law.   We, as a people, decry terrorism and tend to place blame on other religions for whatever horrible acts their breakaway sects perform; yet, the FLDS continues its reign of intimidation and violence towards its own and we stay silent and let it happen.  Even the mainstream Mormon Church cannot seem to use its might to control this situation.